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6 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter
Contact the team at Earthscape Industries. If you need help or expert advice on how to prepare your garden for the winter months contact the team at Earthscape Industries. With over 15 years’ worth of industry experience, we can help you get your garden through the cold and blooming happily in the...

Our Earthscape Industries consultants have extensive experience on a broad scope of projects, enabling them to be able to provide superior consulting services to our clients. Some of the many services we regularly provide consultations for include:

Broad Scope of Consulting Experience

With many years experience in landscaping, excavation and minor and bulk earthworks in Sydney, the greater Sydney Basin, Blue Mountains and Galston, we can consult with you to ensure we achieve the outcomes you are expecting. Specialising in landscape consultation, we pride ourselves on delivering superior prestige landscape solutions that our clients are completely satisfied with. Our landscape consultation services are comprehensive and incorporate project management of every stage in the process from design, earthworks and construction through to regular maintenance for upkeep of your landscaping solution.


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