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Tips on How to Get Your Garden Ready for The Australian Summer
8- Lawn Maintenance. Whether you are hosting guests for a backyard get together or want to increase the overall look of your backyard, keeping your lawn in check can go a long way. Having lawn that is brown and dry due to under fertilisation and reduced watering doesn’t exactly make you want to ki...
What is Landscaping and What are the Processes Involved?
Landscaping is the process of renovating an outdoor area to meet a functional need or desired design. From DIY landscaping to hiring a professional, landscaping can take on all forms. When hiring a landscaper to complete a project, prices can vary depending on a range of factors such as the type of ...
Five Costs Driving Up your Landscaping Bill
Landscaping projects are amongst the most underrated methods of home improvement, acting as an efficient way to increase the value of your home and enhance outdoor living areas for you, your family, or your tenants. When done right, landscaping will oftentimes transform the entire atmosphere of your...
The Most Common Landscape Design Styles for Australian Yards
When looking at a prospective landscaping project, it can be challenging to find a definitive design style that not only suits the layout of Australian yards but also proposes a future return-on-investment - transforming the atmosphere of your outdoor living area. Inspiration for landscaping concept...
A ‘Blue Mountains’ Guide to Landscaping: How to landscape a mountainous yard
When living out your dreams in the midst of a mountainous wonderland, thoughts of landscaping can easily be lost in serene views, peaceful surroundings, and the magical atmosphere. Although it can be daunting at first, making the decision to landscape your mountain home is an honourable way to embra...
What Retaining Wall is Right for Your Yard?
If you’re trying to find the right retaining wall for your yard, chances are you’re already thinking about the cost, maintenance and material you’d like for your new retaining wall. But we’ll break it down for you even further so that you feel confident that the retaining wall material you c...
What is the difference between Japanese style gardens and Western Style Gardens?...
When you are creating the garden of your dreams, it can be tricky to choose a garden style that suits not only your likes and dislikes in a garden but also the space available in your yard. There are so many different gardening styles to choose from ranging from the decorative Mediterranean style th...
5 Easy Ways to Create an Environmentally Friendly Garden
The environment is an important topic on everyone's minds. If you currently have a garden or you're considering adding one, you can contribute to protecting the environment. Optimizing your garden design to make it environmentally-friendly is a big step. We're going to outline five easy ways to crea...
5 Simple Ways to Maintain your Yards Landscaping
With a little routine landscape maintenance and lawn preparation, you can have a beautiful yard to relax and gather in. It's much easier to take preventative steps than it is to complete a full landscaping clean-up process. However, if you're currently losing the battle with your yard, you can use t...
How to stop your yard from flooding using landscaping.
When you live in Australia, you know that the weather is an unpredictable force. One day it will be bright and sunny, and the next it can be pouring down a months’ worth of rain in a matter of hours. While this may seem like one of the quirks in living in the country, for those that live in a low ...
6 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For The Australian Winter
Contact the team at Earthscape Industries. If you need help or expert advice on how to prepare your garden for the winter months contact the team at Earthscape Industries. With over 15 years’ worth of industry experience, we can help you get your garden through the cold and blooming happily in the...

Our Earthscape Industries consultants have extensive experience on a broad scope of projects, enabling them to be able to provide superior consulting services to our clients. Some of the many services we regularly provide consultations for include:

Broad Scope of Consulting Experience

With many years experience in landscaping, excavation and minor and bulk earthworks in Sydney, the greater Sydney Basin, Blue Mountains and Galston, we can consult with you to ensure we achieve the outcomes you are expecting. Specialising in landscape consultation, we pride ourselves on delivering superior prestige landscape solutions that our clients are completely satisfied with. Our landscape consultation services are comprehensive and incorporate project management of every stage in the process from design, earthworks and construction through to regular maintenance for upkeep of your landscaping solution.


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