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What Should I Know Before a Garden Irrigation Project?

Having a quality garden irrigation system installed is particularly useful in Australia’s harsh and dry climate. These systems are great for saving conservation as they only water designated and targeted areas of your garden and can be installed for both residential and commercial projects.

Earthscape Industries has a variety of irrigation methods available depending on the layout and contents of your garden. We can modify or install new irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, surface irrigation, pop up sprinklers and above-ground sprinklers. The installation of these water-efficient systems will not only lower your water usage but is also a much faster and efficient method of irrigation than using a garden hose. 

Earthscape Industries installs smart irrigation controllers which will adjust the amount of water used in your garden depending on the weather. Not only will you save water on cooler days, but these controllers are also capable of delaying irrigation when rain is predicted. Smart irrigation controllers will also alert you if there are any issues with your irrigation system, so you can get it repaired as soon as possible. These handy features will make it easy to save water and lower your water bill.

How Do I Avoid a Backyard Landscaping Project Annoying My Neighbours?

At Earthscape Industries we are highly experienced in performing landscaping projects in residential areas. Before we undertake any project, we always have a one on one consultation with all our clients. This allows us to listen to any concerns clients may have and confirm with them steps that will be undertaken during the job. We prioritise quality and collaborating with our customers to find working solutions to any requirements they may have. We are experienced in working in urban areas and make sure to follow all regulations. Our tight access machinery allows us to carry out excavation works in smaller residential areas. If noise is a concern for you then we can arrange for the project to be finished in stages. 

If you are concerned about your plants overgrowing and impacting your neighbour’s space and views, then we suggest that you consider our landscape maintenance service. Through this service, we can mow, trim and maintain your garden to ensure it remains as at the desired level. 

I Have No Idea What I Want To Do With My Garden... Can You Help?

Earthscape Industries is happy to assist any client, no matter what stage of development their landscaping project is at. If you have a vision for what you want your outdoor setting to look like, then our talented landscape designer will be more than happy to assist you. We will work through transforming your vision into reality by providing concept drawings which you can offer feedback on. 

We also offer a consultation service, where you can arrange a one on one meeting with an experienced member of our team who can help you work through ideas for your garden. One of our experienced landscapers can help you figure out what is needed to take your garden to the next level. An in-person consultation will allow our landscaper to be hands-on and find the most cost-effective method to transform your garden.

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