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Whether it’s to serve a functional purpose or for pure aesthetics, a retaining wall plays a vital role in any landscape construction project. Earthscape Industries are Sydney’s trusted provider for a range of retaining wall construction services, and can assist in all manner of retaining wall installations.

From soil erosion barriers to elevated paved areas, we have the design flair and technical expertise to ensure a quality, lasting construction on every occasion.

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We take the reins from design to reality

Client communication is a key factor on our landscaping projects, guaranteeing that your individual needs are taken into consideration. Our team provides retaining wall consultation and concept designs.

They carefully map out the aspects you desire to create a functional retaining wall that will not only elevate the aesthetic of your property, but add to its overall value.

Reinforce or reinvent your outdoor space


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Ensure structural integrity in your landscaping

Aside from creating a stylish border, embedded seating, stairs, or an inspired focal point in your landscaping design, retaining walls also provide substantial structural benefits. An essential asset on sloping blocks, retaining walls can be used in property levelling and cutting into steep land to create usable and eye-catching living spaces and garden beds. Retaining walls are also suitable for landscape grading and protection against soil erosion.


Natural solutions for reinventing your space

At Earthscape Industries, we’re passionate about incorporating natural and sustainable materials into our designs. For clients considering a retaining wall block, we can’t recommend highly enough the use of sandstone logs to create a beautiful, sturdy, and long-lasting retaining wall structure. Aesthetically appealing, and tough enough to withstand storms and flooding as well as strong ground movements, sandstone walls are an ideal and cost-effective way to protect your property from potential damage.


Bring your vision to life with Earthscape Industries

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