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With many years experience in landscaping, excavation and minor and bulk earthworks in Sydney, the greater Sydney Basin, Blue Mountains and Galston, we can consult with you to ensure we achieve the outcomes you are expecting. Specialising in landscape consultation, we pride ourselves on delivering superior prestige landscape solutions that our clients are completely satisfied with. Our landscape consultation services are comprehensive and incorporate project management of every stage in the process from design, earthworks and construction through to regular maintenance for the upkeep of your landscaping solution.

Broad Scope of Consulting Experience

Our Earthscape Industries consultants have extensive experience on a broad scope of projects, enabling them to provide superior consulting services to our clients. 

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Sustainability in Landscaping, Excavation and Earthworks

We have a strong focus on sustainability in our landscaping, excavation and earthworks consulting services and are dedicated to assisting our clients get great results, with as minimal impact on our natural resources and the environment as possible. Our services include:

  • Landscape design and construction
  • Deck and pergola construction
  • Horse and cattle stud design and construction
  • Horse arena design and construction
  • All facets of excavation, minor and bulk earthworks
  • Dam design, construction and repair
  • Drainage and contour works
  • Rural fencing projects
  • Landscape architecture
  • Conservation advice
  • Residential project management

Consultation Services offer Cost-effective Results

By arranging a consultation with us for your landscaping, excavation, construction or earthworks project, will be more cost-effective, as we will plan out your entire project at the beginning based on your needs and budget. During the consultation phase, we will analyse the entire project to see if there are any ways to streamline operations for further savings in the cost of the project.

Through consultation, you can also avoid added expense further along the track from mistakes being made through a lack of effective communication in the early stages of the project.

Contact Earthscape Industries

To discover more about our landscape solutions including residential project management, landscape architecture and landscape consultation, contact our friendly consulting team today. We can offer you expert conservation advice to ensure your project is environmentally sustainable. Ask us to arrange a consultation to see what Earthscape Industries can do for you.

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