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Garden Irrigation

Earthscape Industries provide expert garden irrigation solutions in Sydney, the Hills District, the Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands and beyond.

Earthscape Industries provides professional irrigation services for commercial and residential services in Sydney, the Hills District, the Blue Mountains region and beyond. Investing in garden irrigation services can be incredibly beneficial, not only in keeping your garden looking immaculate but in saving a large portion of time spent on garden maintenance. Earthscape Industries professional garden irrigation services utilise smart irrigation controllers and water-efficient sprinklers to reduce water waste and increase savings on the water bill.

Earthscape Industries also specialise in irrigation system repairs. We can diagnose and repair all issues present in your irrigation system including fixing leaks, finding wiring faults and conducting system audits. A well-functioning irrigation system installed by Earthscape Industries will allow you to relax, knowing that your garden is in good hands.


We provide high quality, professional and cost-effective garden irrigation services.

Sydney has harsh weather conditions, it’s prone to drought, heatwaves and heavy rainfall, which can impact the overall health of your garden. Here at Earthscape Industries, we are experts at installing irrigation and sprinkler systems to help gardens thrive in Sydney and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking to have a new garden irrigation system installed, or schedule maintenance of your existing system, Earthscape Industries can help.
Earthscape Industries are experienced in delivering a variety of garden irrigation systems, using drip irrigation, surface irrigation, pop up sprinklers and above ground sprinklers and more. Our expert irrigation technicians can provide expert advice and guide you through the process of choosing the right system to meet your irrigation needs.

Expert garden irrigation services in Sydney and beyond.

With years of experience in the horticultural and landscaping industry, we have assisted many clients to design beautiful gardens with flourishing plant life. We proudly service Sydney, the Hills district, North shore, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Galston and beyond. To discuss our expert garden irrigation services and receive a free quote, give us a call today. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form and our specialist team will contact you.

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