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Retaining Walls

Earthscape Industries provide expert retaining wall services in Sydney, the Hills District, the Hunter Valley, the Southern Highlands and beyond.

Earthscape Industries are Sydney, the Hawkesbury, the Hunter Valley, the Southern Highlands and Dural’s trusted provider for retaining wall services. Retaining walls can help maximise the space and functionality of your property while providing an aesthetic and unique centrepiece to your outdoor space. Whether you need to control downhill erosion, manage water runoff or simply want to give your residential property a makeover, Earthscape Industries can help.
Earthscape Industries have a variety of materials available to create your retaining wall and offer consultation services to decide which material will give your landscape a stunning new look. Our experts will ensure the retaining wall leaves your property with an enhanced appearance and long-term erosion protection.


Choose Earthscape Industries for high quality, professional and cost-effective landscaping solutions.

At Earthscape Industries, we are passionate about bringing projects to life and delivering high quality, cost-effective landscaping solutions for our clients. Our versatile team of Sydney specialists include landscape designers, tradespeople, stonemasons, machinery operators and horticulturalists who provide an all-encompassing outlook on each individual project. Our team of professional, reliable and highly experienced staff take pride in their attention to detail and strive to deliver unbeatable customer service. 

If you choose Earthscape Industries for your next project, we will work collaboratively alongside you to create a functional retaining wall that elevates the appearance of your property. We will provide you with concept drawings that carefully map out your project, incorporating sustainable design elements as well as ornamental aspects. By arranging a consultation with our specialists, we can help you to plan your project based on the desired outcome and create timely, cost-effective and sustainable landscaping solutions.

Retaining Wall Construction in Sydney and beyond.

Earthscape Industries are trusted providers of landscaping and earthworks solutions. We plan, design and deliver beautiful landscapes and living spaces for clients in Sydney, the Hills district, North shore, the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Galston and beyond. To discuss our retaining wall services and receive a free quote, give us a call today. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form and our specialist team will contact you.

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