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Jason Newnes of Earthscape has been involved in our 20 acre garden project –‘SAKUI MAZE & garden’ at Bilpin for many years now & for very good reason.
    There are plenty of machine operators that are nearer to us but from experience, none of them offer the extensive knowledge, experience, enthusiasm & utter professionalism that Jason does.
    As garden designers, nursery operators & horticulturists we have very specific requirements coupled with exacting expectations - Jason never disappoints. He is rather unique in what he can offer, being thoroughly versed in the most intricate landscape & building construction, he also happens to be a gun machine operator with reliable equipment & a complete array of attachments. Add to this, his experience within the horticulture industry & you have an extremely well rounded & knowledgeable contractor.
    Jason has been involved in the excavation for our large in-ground water tanks & septic tank along with excavation for numerous buildings, structures & most recently our new nursery. He has built large boulder retaining walls for our car park & nursery platforms & installed large scale drainage for our nursery. The show piece however is a cascading & meandering water course built of large boulders that falls 15 metres in height over approximately 250 metres in length to one of our ornamental dams. He integrated numerous natural looking ponds which are now spanned by 10 metre long bridges.
    In addition to the excavation & rock placement work, he was instrumental in helping us safely fell approx 40 x 30m tall trees without damaging anything in the gardens.
    Our project is an extremely long term undertaking & we have every expectation of having Jason continue to be a part of it. 

Very sincerely,
C Park

We have used Jason and his team for many years from designing outdoor spaces to helping us maintain the beautiful gardens thaey ceated for us. We have always found them friendly, hardworking, knoweledgeable, trustworthy and professional.

       Communication is excellent, If we are told that a member of teh team will be at our house for any reason, we are always confident that they will be there. 
       All work that is done is explained, Once we know what is happening and why we are mo​re than happy to let Jason and his team get on with it. 

       It is nice to have a company that treats you as part of the process instead of someone who just pays the bills.

       We highly recommend Earthscape Industries. They know what they are doing and are a pleasure to have around

Leonie, Dural, NSW


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